Victorian Governess Tawse

Victorian Governess Tawse

Ancient Design, Hurts Today

Victorian Governess Tawse - Review by LizX
The Tawse as it’s sold today.

Purely for reasons of inspiration ? I tend to watch videos on Many of these videos are simply hand-spankings, but some also contain the use of implements. And since I’m a curious person by nature, I always study the different tools used. One of these new varieties is the ‘tawse.’ No, I had never before heard of this term, but sometimes Google is a man’s best friend. It grabbed my attention because I was wondering what the split design would feel like. Here is a NSFW link to one such video. So when we were visiting a market, and I saw one for sale, I had to try it.

Packaging and Description

Victorian Governess Tawse
Here you can see its split
The split design of the tawse

Since we bought it in a fetish market, I have no packaging or specific technical details. All I have to go by is the whip itself. Having said this, I am not 100% sure it’s real leather. It does smell like genuine leather. The product is well-stitched and feels quite heavy. The material used is not just leather, I think there’s a different material at its core. It could be a metal core, it could also be some form of plastic. You can see the shape of what’s inside in the handle. The tawse is 50 cms long and 10 cms in width. After having used it a couple of times, the leather on top is slightly wrinkled. That doesn’t make it less effective, though.

My Experience

Victorian Governess Tawse
Held in a hand by LizX
My hand can barely fit around the tool.

You should know that the paddle is my favorite spanking implement. I love the all-compassing pain it causes, the dull thump. This tawse hits almost the same as the paddle we own. It’s nearly as heavy, and it shares a lot of the qualities the paddle also has. But because of the shape and its design, this tawse stings more than our paddle. It hurts more. It’s definitely not as sharp like the sting of a cane. I think that when the Scottish designed this device, they designed it for maximal impact. It may be tough to handle if you’re not that strong or experienced with whipping someone. My husband is strong enough, so he had no difficulties hitting me with it, but I’m not sure I would be able to hit someone with it. For me, it feels slightly awkward and a bit too heavy.


Victorian Governess Tawse
Held in a hand by LizX
Weird angle, but you can see the dimensions.It’s big.

I think it’s cool. I was looking for another experience in our spanking journey, and this instrument hits all the marks. Literally. It’s a different sensation from the other whips we use. It gives a sweet sting which pleases my masochistic side. I think it’s too intense for a pure beginner, but if you’re somewhat advanced and are looking for something extra, then this is definitely it. If Victorian governesses were able to put it to good use, then surely so can we.


Victorian Governess Tawse
Final verdict by LizX: Love!

Overall: 8


  • Cool design
  • Historical background
  • Good sting
  • Heavy


  • Became wrinkly
  • Heavy

Where to Buy

You can find this tawse here:

I bought this product myself. This post is not sponsored.

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