Review of the Womanizer Classic

Review of the Womanizer Classic

Can a Product be Too Good?

Review of the Womanizer Classic

Copyright Liz BlackX

Ever since the introduction of the first Womanizer toy, I’ve been intrigued. I saw ads in magazines and short items on television, but I could never figure out how it worked or how it would feel. I would see them displayed at a sexual fair I visited, but it didn’t get any better even then. I gathered that the toy had a revolutionary new technique for bringing women to orgasm without vibrations.
Years ago, I got to review a Womanizer Starlet for a special feature article on I was impressed by the technique as it got me to orgasm quickly.


You can imagine my surprise when WowTech, the company behind Womanizer and WeVibe, contacted me if I wanted to review for them. I jumped at the opportunity, selected the two toys I wanted to test and a week later, I received them. I could hardly believe my luck.
This is also why I chose to test the Womanizer Classic in 2021. After all, this is the toy that started it all. The first Womanizer was released in 2014 and has since taken over the world by storm. Let’s see if there are grounds for the popularity.

Packaging and Description

The box the Womanizer Classic comes in is lovely. There’s a beautiful woman depicted on the front of the box. At the back of the box, you see purple scarves and the features of the toy.
When you unfold the first layer, you see more of this woman and more of her scarves. I love how well designed it is. It never feels cheap or tacky, and it looks like this will be the theme for the product. There are two hygiene seals. The seals themselves are a relatively new development and one that I love. It ascertains no one has touched the product since it left the factory. When you unfold the final layer, you’re greeted with a large ‘Hi!.’ Unwillingly, this produced a smile on my face. Can a toy approach you friendly?

I Masturbate

Review of the Womanizer Classic  Copyright Liz BlackX

Inside the box are the toy itself, a business card which states ‘I Masturbate,’ an elaborate manual, a small box containing an extra stimulation head and a charging cable and satin pouch for safekeeping the product. The manual is a thick booklet with the main text translated into eight languages and the safety measures in twenty-three. It’s not often I see such a detailed manual, in print, with a sex toy. I love how they added a picture of how to use the Womanizer. The stylistics of the box comes back in the manual, too, with the same purple scarf theme. It’s not one of those standard run of the mill manuals many other companies add to their products.

Body Fit

Review of the Womanizer Classic  Copyright Liz BlackX

The Womanizer is IPX7 waterproof and is magnetically charged. I even like the charging cable, as it has the Womanizer logo on the charger piece. When you have multiple sex toys, this can be a lifesaver. Adding a satin pouch is always a plus-one for me.

Review of the Womanizer Classic  Copyright Liz BlackX

The Womanizer comes with two stimulation heads, one small and one large. The large one was packaged in its own sealed bag. It’s easy to replace the mouthpieces; you just pull it off. This also makes for easy cleaning. The stimulation heads are made of medical-grade silicone, while the rest of the toy is ABS plastic.

It may be clear, but I love everything about this packaging. It’s complete, well-designed and it definitely gives me a good feeling about the product. Let’s see how it performed.

My Experience

Review of the Womanizer Classic  Copyright Liz BlackX

It takes a minute to get used to the Womanizer. I mean, turning it on was easy. There is a separate on/off button and two buttons to change the intensity of the stimulation, so no surprises there. I only had to search where to place it best. As a seasoned sex toy reviewer, this took me longer than expected, but maybe I was just impatient. Once in place and upping the intensity to a higher level, the feelings of pleasure were coursing through my body. The Womanizer mimics being sucked, which is a feeling I love. It didn’t take me long to reach a delicious orgasm.

Quick Orgasm

Review of the Womanizer Classic  Copyright Liz BlackX

For me, the only downside to the Womanizer is that I reach the orgasm too quickly. Usually, during my me-time, I read and watch porn to get in the mood and then place a toy on my clit to enjoy the intense sensations the toys bring me. With Womanizer, my orgasm comes quickly, leaving me with less time to enjoy the sensations. I can’t say it doesn’t work, so is this really a bad thing?


Review of the Womanizer Classic  Copyright Liz BlackX

There can only be one conclusion: the Womanizer Classic is a well-thought-out and developed product. I guess you could call it German thoroughness and style. They’ve thought of every little detail, and the end-product is impressive in every way. For me, you could say it works too well, as it brings me to my orgasm in no time. But I’m a lucky one where it’s often not difficult to reach an orgasm. This may well be different for other women. And how could I fault a sex toy for doing too good of a job? I won’t, and I would definitely recommend this Womanizer Classic to anyone interested in Pleasure Air Technology.

It’s an entirely different way of masturbating compared to vibrators that buzz. I’m a big fan of the technology and, yes, a big fan too of Womanizer, if only for bringing this technology into existence. Owning this toy, I know I will always be able to bring myself to orgasm, no matter the circumstances. And with Womanizer’s five-year warranty, I have little to worry about. I only need to plan some me-time for the next round of pleasure.


Review of the Womanizer Classic  Copyright Liz BlackX


  • Pleasure Air Technology
  • Two stimulation heads
  • Magnetic charging
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Elaborate manual


  • High price range

Overall: 9 out of 10

Review of the Womanizer Classic  Copyright Liz BlackX

End verdict: Love

Where to Buy

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