Unboxing Video Womanizer Classic

Unboxing Video Womanizer Classic

Okay, so I did a thing. After long deliberation and trying different setups, I’ve managed to create an unboxing video. It’s of the Womanizer Classic. I have little to no experience in doing video and it’s quite a steep learning curve, so please bear with me. Please let me know in the comments if you enjoyed the video.

Unboxing Video of the Womanizer Classic

Read the review here: https://www.lizxlikes.com/review-of-the-womanizer-classic/

Available for purchase (Affiliate link) Womanizer.com: https://tidd.ly/3CRxPe9

Easytoys.nl: https://www.easytoys.nl/womanizer-classic-p-36209/ 

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