Help: Should I be jealous of my partner’s sex doll?

Help: Should I be jealous of my partner’s sex doll?

Happy with a Sex Doll

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What if your partner got a sex doll? Maybe it was a gift from his friends, perhaps he bought it himself or perchance you purchased it as a gift for him.
Anyway, he’s thrilled with the new girl he now has in his bedroom. She’s slim, pretty and always available. You’re left wondering how you feel about this.
In a way, it does feel a bit like he’s cheating on you. He’s doing ‘the act’ with another being. Is it normal that you feel uncomfortable, or even jealous? Let’s take a closer look at this unusual situation.

Not a Replacement

First of all: don’t be afraid you’re going to be replaced by the sex doll. You’re not. No matter how sophisticated the toy looks, it’s still a synthetic object. From what I gather from my husband’s experiences, sex with a doll is very pleasant, but it’s also clunky and impersonal. Without any preparation, the doll will be cold. All lubrication needs to be added yourself and the toy won’t open by itself. The overall experience can be exceptional and intense, but it’s still an inhumane, one-sided act. And after an experience like this, your partner will be ten times happier to get back into your warm arms.

Different Sex Drives

Masturbation, either with or without a toy, can solve libido issues you made have. If he has a way higher sex drive than you, then why not let him have his fun times with a device like the ones discussed here? It may alleviate some pressures you might have in your relationship. Don’t feel bad about this, it just happens.
Perhaps you don’t live with each other or are in a long-distance relationship. A sex doll could prove a great solution. I bet you’d prefer it if your partner had sex with a toy over with someone living and breathing.

Pretty, but Not Alive

One more reason why you shouldn’t be jealous of this pretty doll is that she is just that: an inanimate object. Actually, in theory, she is the same as the dildo and vibrator in your nightstand, only equipped with different forms of pleasure. She might look like a human, especially if she has hair, eyes and a mouth, but she’s not. She has been constructed to look human. According to my husband, having sex with a sex doll can feel so real your instincts kick in. The monkey-part of your brain is convinced this is the real deal and will try procreating. You’re smarter than that. She’s an elaborate masturbation sleeve which has more substance. But after all, she’s still a hump of rubber.

Just Enjoy!

Feelings of unease and jealousy may arise, but they’re entirely unnecessary. A sex doll is just a tool you can use for different purposes. She can be convenient if your partner has a higher sex drive than you. Maybe you live apart from each other, then she can be an excellent substitute. Whatever the reason, don’t hold him back. Love the doll for what’s she’s worth. And who knows, he might even appreciate the times spent with you more than ever.

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