Five Reasons Why Couples Buy Sex Dolls

Five Reasons Why Couples Buy Sex Dolls

New Technology

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It’s 2020. Technology has advanced in significant steps these past decades, as has the overall acceptance of using sex toys. Gone are the days of buying vibrators in shady shops in a seedy part of town.
The same is true for the development of sex dolls. They’re not just gimmicks anymore which students give each other as a joke. The average doll nowadays is life-like and made of high-quality materials.
Now that some of the stigmas are gone, different subsets of people are buying these dolls. One such subgroup is ‘couples.’ But why would they, when, by definition, they have each other? Turns out there are many reasons, the first one being the most obvious: the doll as a sexy threesome partner.


Many people have the secret fantasy of having a threesome. Monogamy is nice and all, but wouldn’t it be cool to add a new layer to your sex play? But how to go about it? It would be awkward to invite that hot colleague over, and a shamble with your neighbour could incite all sorts of gossip in the neighbourhood. A sex doll could be the perfect answer to your problem.
She is shaped like a human. Yes, there are male dolls too, but for simplicity’s sake, I’m gonna assume the doll is shaped like a female. With her as a third partner in your bed, you can explore everything you ever wanted to try. And the best part? There’s no need for jealousy. After all, she’s only a doll.


What if you or your partner is in a long-distance relationship? That too makes for the perfect circumstance for adding a love doll to your household. Instead of spending all those nights alone, you can hug and cuddle with your synthetic partner. And it doesn’t have to stop there. She will always be available for whatever you can think of. And if you don’t want to do it on your own, turn on the cam and let your partner enjoy the show. Maybe she will have some ideas of what to do next.


As I mentioned earlier, these synthetic partners don’t have to be only used sexually. They can be used for more platonic reasons too. Perhaps you’re very lonely and would like someone in your house who you can talk to and who you can give a cuddle. You can change her clothes, do her hair and turn her into the friend you have always wanted. She’s also a helpful companion if you’re insecure in the bed and would like to practise your abilities. You know one thing for sure: she’ll never complain.


For the kinkier couples, there are many uses for a sex doll. One benefit is that she’s the perfect partner to practise your intricate bondage designs on. She is perfectly shaped, she’s got the best boobs to turn your rope around and again, she won’t complain. Where human partners might get bored at some point, you can try again and again with your synthetic friend. Finally you get to live out your dreams and tie intricate knot patterns, while your human partner is free to move around and get you coffee. Or maybe you want to tie her on top of your doll. Anything is possible.


For this final application, you’ll need some imagination. What if your partner is into cuckoldry? Maybe you’ve never dared to try this in real life or was it just a step too far. Well, your sex doll can make your dreams come true. Tie your partner down. Don’t honour her with your love-making, instead give it to your new artificial lover. This kind of humiliation game is a major turn-on for many people, and the doll is a perfect substitute for a human partner in this case. No one gets hurt, except well, maybe your human lover a little, but that was the point, wasn’t it?

Plenty of Reasons

As you can see, there are many reasons why a couple would choose to buy a sex doll. These range from a companion to dress up, to finally living out your most intense kinky dreams. Sex dolls have become so high-quality they definitely deserve a spot within the realm of ‘regular sex toys’. There’s no need for stigma or for feeling ashamed of owning one. They can bring a wide range of activities to your life, both in- and outside the bedroom. Invite one into your house and see how much joy she can bring to your household!

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