Air Pressure Technology: Womanizer, Satisfyer, and more

Air Pressure Technology: Womanizer, Satisfyer, and more

Air Pressure Technology Vibrators

Womanizer and Satisfyer have brought air pleasure technology to the world of sex toys. This innovation is here to stay! Read here why:

A Mysterious New Toy

Early on in my sex toy reviewing career many years ago, The Womanizer was first released. I was intrigued from the start. A revolutionary way of reaching orgasms? No more buzzing or touching even? It sounded magical. What would this feel like? Is it a tiny version of the vacuum vibrator I had?
The gadget freak inside of me needed to know, but the going-price was (and still is) high, so I waited.
Finally, I got the opportunity to test the Womanizer. And, not long after, the Satisfyer which uses similar technology. And yes, it was indeed revolutionary. But they didn’t all wow me in the right way.

A little history

The Womanizer was the first vibrator using the patented Pleasure Air Technology. It was invented not too far from where I live, in Metten, Germany. The inventor was Michael Lenke. He heard of many women not being able to reach orgasm. That was a problem he wanted to solve. He noticed the sex toy industry itself was not innovating much, so he went to work himself.

The Technique

I tried my hardest to uncover the technique used in this toy, but it’s shrouded in mystery. In my research, I came across many terms, such as ‘suction,’ ‘airwaves’ and ‘no-touch.’ Neither of them tells much.
I did uncover that the cap on top of the vibrator needs to be on the skin to work. You can test it on the inside of your arm if you’re curious. The vibrator then sends out waves that create a sucking effect.
It’s like a mini vacuum chamber with the right amount of tiny puffs of air to be pleasurable.
Because of this technique, the inventor promises you cannot obtain the habituation effect, which can occur with regular buzzing vibrators.
To conclude, Womanizer did introduce a new and innovative toy to the market.


When one company comes up with a great idea, there are thousands of companies at the ready to copy the technique and introduce their own versions. The most well-known brand that did this is Satisfyer. They too have a line of products with ‘air pleasure technology.’
The most significant difference with Womanizer is the price. Especially the earlier models are about half the price of the toy they were inspired by.
The designs of the toys are different, and they have implemented the air pressure technology in different models. For example, they have a rabbit vibrator with the added air technology built-in.
And of course, many Chinese manufacturers have also created their version of a toy with this technique. I have never held one, so I can’t comment upon their quality.

Best Idea Ever

In my opinion, vibrators with air pleasure technology are an excellent innovation, and they definitely have a place within the sex toy industry. They don’t necessarily replace regular vibrators, but it’s a decent alternative.
For myself, I don’t like The Womanizer. I’ve only ever tested one model, but after the review was done, I’ve hardly ever used it again. It got me to orgasm real fast, but it was so soon I didn’t even enjoy it. Sure, it feels good enough, but I enjoy the slow build-up, getting to sink into my fantasies. The Womanizer made me skip this step. It bypassed that need for arousing fantasies, and it brought me to a quick and shallow orgasm.
The Satisfyer, on the other hand, did work for me, and to this day is one of my favorite toys. The Satisfyer Pro 2 is perfect for me on all accounts. When I don’t have any toys to test for reviews, this is the one I go back to the most. The stimulation is right, it’s not too soft or too intense, the design is basic, and overall, it does an outstanding job.

Here to Stay

Overall, I’m pleased with the addition of air-pressure technology toys. They’re a great addition to the sex toy industry, and it has shaken up the world.
Instead of adding another nudge here or a slight curve there, they managed to create an entirely new sensation.
With this technology, it’s easier for women to reach orgasms, also for the ones who struggled to do so. This development has given me my favorite toy. The air-pressure technology is still being expanded upon. Womanizer now has a model with an auto-pilot function. I would love to try this version. I guess the waiting begins again…

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