Red – Black Paddle with Laces Looks Sexy, Hits Hard

Red – Black Paddle with Laces Looks Sexy, Hits Hard

Paddle with Laces – Red – Bad Kitty

Black/Red Lace Paddle – Bad Kitty

Sometimes you pick out a toy, just because it looks cool. That’s the case with this paddle in red and black, made by Bad Kitty. Apart from the fact that it’s an implement used to administer pain, it looks like something truly BDSM. It has the right design, and the laces give it that extra sexy feel. But, in general, I’m not really interested in how a toy looks. It’s way more important how it feels, and in this case, if it will hurt. Let’s find out.

Packaging and Description

Black/Red Lace Paddle - Bad Kitty

The backside of the paddle

Bad Kitty is a brand with lots of fun BDSM accessories. Their subtitle is even ‘Naughty Toys.’ I’ve tested several of their products before and overall, I was satisfied with them.

This particular paddle is delivered in a small box. The box is covered with a picture of a lady in lingerie holding this paddle in a seductive manner. I think. I don’t find her expression particularly tempting, but I guess I’m not the target group. The side of the box shows the technical specifications of this product, namely that it’s 24 cms long, and that it’s made of plastic and PU-leather. Okay, it says ‘Polyurethane and split leather,’ but in my world, that’s the same as what I said.

The toy itself feels sturdy enough. The trimming has been well done, and it looks nicely finished. Apart from a slightly plasticky feel, you wouldn’t know it was available for such a low price. The bit with the laces has no official purpose of course, but it’s a nice touch, and it makes it look extra cool. The toy has no distinct smell, only when you put it close to your nose. Overall, it seems decent enough.

My Experience

Black/Red Lace Paddle - Bad Kitty

My hand holding the paddle
Perfect size for my hands, even though I don’t wield it ?

In use I can be short: it’s a good toy. Sometimes with toys in the price class, they look like something, but in the end, they only make noise and won’t leave a mark. This paddle will leave a mark, and it has a sting too. Maybe it’s not the impact you get from a 100 Euro leather paddle, but it comes near enough. The bottom of the paddle is flat, where the top half is slightly padded. Both sides leave an impression. The toy has some wobble, and it’s heavy enough to make a good swing. And the bit with laces actually makes a good handle. The soft fabric feels pleasant to the touch.

Low Price, High Quality

Black/Red Lace Paddle - Bad Kitty

Close-up of the stitching
Nicely stitched

This paddle with laces has exceeded my expectations. We have tried several cheaper paddles, and most of them were disappointments. This red specimen is heavy enough, the materials feel pleasant, and it doesn’t look like it’s available for such a low price. I’d even go as far as saying that it’s maybe not even that suitable for beginners since you need to be careful in using this implement. Before you know it you hit harder than what you were aiming for. If you and your partner are past the true beginner’s stage, then this is an excellent addition to any collection. I know I enjoy the feel of it, though I can attest, I truly hurts.

Black/Red Lace Paddle - Bad Kitty

Suede Finishing
Cool Suede Finishing


Black/Red Lace Paddle - Bad Kitty

End Verdict: Love

Overall: 8


  • Looks cool
  • Material feels good to touch
  • Good weight
  • Nice sting
  • Low price


  • PU-leather

Where to Buy

You can find this paddle here:

I bought this product myself. This post is not sponsored.

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