Redemption for the Rakish EarlRedemption for the Rakish Earl by Jilian Rouge
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Redemption for the Rakish Earl
by Jilian Rouge

This romance story is about Rue and how she pursues the love of her life, Alex.

The first scene where she seduces him in an effort to make him stay, was far-fetched, in my opinion. I think most women at that time would have thought twice before giving away their virginity in such a manner. But of course, it’s fiction, and I continued to read the story.

What follows is a nice story with lots of romance, intrigue, and mystery. It’s pretty straightforward, though the secret assassin arch was a surprising touch.

I do want to add the language itself was quite bloated, and many phrases could have been skipped or tightened.

If you are a fan of historical romance, you will enjoy this book. The romance was hot enough.

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