7 Speed Magic Wand Cactus – FAAK

7 Speed Magic Wand Cactus – FAAK

It’s pink and looks kinda spacey ?
7 Speed Magic Wand Cactus - FAAK
Review by LizX

The magic wand shown in my hand
7 Speed Magic Wand Cactus – FAAK
It’s an entire handful ?

An Eye for Detail

When ordering a sex toy below ten Euros, I keep my expectations low. Often the detailing is rough, or its power and vibrations are weak. But every so often you get pleasantly surprised. When I unwrapped this 7 Speed Magic Wand Cactus by the brand FAAK, I saw immediately that this was a good one. From the box to the contents to the vibrator itself, everything was done with an eye for detail. It looks like a product made with care. I could only hope it was as good as it seemed.

Packaging and Description

7 Speed Magic Wand Cactus - FAAK
Review by LizX

The complete set includes the vibrator, manuals, charging cable and pouch
It’s a complete set.

The packaging of this vibrator is spot-on. It looks just as fancy as the 100+ Euro vibrators I also test and review. The magic wand comes in a white box with the brand name printed on top. I’d never seen a product that I ordered in China to arrive packaged in this way. Much to my surprise, the vibrator even comes with a pouch for safekeeping. And it’s not a cheap-looking one, but a decent one with neat stitching and the brand name on a tag. Because of its packaging, the vibrator arrives fully intact without scratches or dents.
Apart from the vibrator, there is also a USB charging cable in the package and two guarantee notes in Chinese.

Pink is the New Black

7 Speed Magic Wand Cactus - FAAK
Review by LizX

The magic wand
Pink, prickly and pretty

The magic wand is covered in silicone. My version is bright pink, like literal neon-pink, and there are also versions in purple and black. I must say the toy does not smell good, but while holding it in your hand and during use, it’s not that obvious. The magic wand is rechargeable. It’s waterproof and whisper-quiet. There are two buttons on the wand, one is for switching it on and off, the other is for cycling through the seven menus.
The strength of the vibrations is impressive, and it’s everything I could wish for. Even the lowest setting was intense enough for me to reach orgasm on. The different menus are interesting and well-done as well.

My Experience

7 Speed Magic Wand Cactus - FAAK
Review by LizX

The magic wand in my hand
The nubs are soft and useful

For me, the 7 Speed Magic Wand Cactus performed as well as I had expected. The vibrations were strong, the material felt good on the skin, and the menus were easy to access. I used it as a clitoral stimulator, and it did an excellent job there. The shape was such that it made it easy for me to put the head of the wand on my vaginal entrance, while the wand itself rested between my labia. This gave a perfect distribution of the vibrations, and it hit exactly the right spot. It was easy for me to reach an orgasm with this magic wand.


7 Speed Magic Wand Cactus - FAAK
Review by LizX

The head of the magic wand shown in my fingers
The head is the perfect size.

For its price range, this is the perfect toy. I wouldn’t be surprised to find this exact toy in Holland for four times the price. Even then, I wouldn’t be disappointed. I’ve tested worse vibrators, which cost a lot more. The design is simple yet very effective. If you’re on a tight budget, you can definitely give this toy a try. Also for beginners, this is a great choice. The lightest setting is not too intimidating. And for me? Well, I might use it again. It’s simple, it’s easy to clean, and it feels great. Sometimes that’s all you need.


7 Speed Magic Wand Cactus - FAAK
Review by LizX

The vibrator and its USB charging cable
Rechargeable with a USB-cable (included)


  • Low price
  • Rechargeable
  • Good design
  • Menus are good
  • Waterproof
  • Whisper-quiet


  • Smells bad
  • Not too sturdy on the inside

Overall: 8

7 Speed Magic Wand Cactus - FAAK
Review by LizX

The magic wand in my hand with the stamp 'Love'
Final verdict: Love

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I bought this product myself. This review is not sponsored.

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