The Witch and the Fae – AJ Ryder

The Witch and the Fae – AJ Ryder

The Witch and the Fae (Mystical Mates, #2)The Witch and the Fae by A.J. Ryder
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Great World-Building, but Too Much Fluff

A fantasy novel with loads of characters, some hot sex, and an evil villain. Sounds like the perfect ingredients, right? Unfortunately, it didn’t work out like that for me.

The story is about the witch Minerva, who’s in a relationship with Samaiyel. For years, Minerva has been battling evil together with her twin sister Athena. Due to the latter’s pregnancy, Minerva is now forced to stand on her own two feet. Along with the help of her Guardian Samaiyel and other supernatural friends, she manages to fight off dark enemies and find her own strength.

There are many good things about this novel.
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