The Handfasters (Lowland Romance, #1)The Handfasters by Helen Susan Swift
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Cute romance, with perfect historical setting

The Handfasters – Helen Susan Swift

Initially, I chose this book, apart from the fact that it was free for the day because I’m familiar with the concept of ‘handfasting.’ I’ve looked into it because my husband and I considered it for ourselves. By now we’re married for the law, the old way, but maybe one day we’ll do a ceremony like this for ourselves.

Anyway, the book ‘The Handfasters’ by Helen Susan Swift is about Alison and how she went to Edinburgh, specifically to find a husband. Soon she becomes engaged to the rich John Forres. Marrying him feels like the worst thing that could happen to her, especially when she encounters the mechanic Willie Kemp. That’s when her life takes a drastic turn.

This book was cute.
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