Review Womanizer Premium Eco

Review Womanizer Premium Eco

Review of the Womanizer Premium Eco

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I’m not the most Eco-conscious person in the world, though I don’t go on vacation, and we use our car sparsely. Sometimes I do wonder how durable and safe the sex toy business is with their batteries and silicone.
Womanizer, too, wondered about this question and decided to develop a product with this at its forefront: the Womanizer Premium Eco. Or, like the packaging says: orgasms go green. The vibrator can be fully disassembled and thus recycled. Something I’ve never seen before is that the battery can be replaced. The Premium Eco also uses ‘smart silence’, which sounds like a gimmick, but could very well turn out to be an innovative feature. Plenty of reasons to take a deeper look at this vibrator.

Packaging and Description

Review of the Womanizer Premium Eco  Copyright Liz BlackX

The unboxing experience is impressive. Womanizer has implemented the Eco theme throughout, and it’s really a joy to unpack this box. Inside the carton box are the vibrator, a pouch for safekeeping, an extra stimulation head, a manual, a booklet with safety instructions and a charging cable. I love the natural look of the pouch. It’s made of a cotton-like fabric instead of the shiny synthetic ones you usually encounter. The charging cable is fifty per cent shorter than usual to save materials for the environment.
The Womanizer Premium Eco is magnetically rechargeable. The pouch has an opening tool attached to it, the tiny pink thingy, with which you can open the vibrator. I wondered why there was a gap at the encasing at the bottom, but this explained it. It was easy to open the toy, following the instructions in the manual. It’s easy to replace the battery once it’s run its course. You only have to take care to use a 14500 cylindrical 3.7 V lithium-ion rechargeable battery. So don’t try and use any AA battery you have lying around the house, or you could damage the Womanizer!


Review of the Womanizer Premium Eco  Copyright Liz BlackX

The toy is made of Biolene. Biolene consists of 70% renewable resources and is additionally 100% biodegradable – according to the manual. The parts that would usually have been made of ABS or another form of plastic consist of Biolene. It feels like regular plastic. The mouthpiece and a few pieces to make the toy splashproof are made of silicone.
The manual shows you how to disassemble the entire toy when you’re ready to say goodbye. You can divide the toy into electronic waste, silicone, metal, ABS and Biolene. The manual advises you to discard the Biolene parts in common household waste.

Smart Silence

Review of the Womanizer Premium Eco  Copyright Liz BlackX

Like I said, ‘smart silence’ sounds like a gimmick, but it’s actually a pretty cool feature. It’s one of those you never knew you needed but love now that it’s here. It only turns on the toy once it’s in contact with the skin. So, when I pulled the vibrator out of the box and turned the toy on, it did nothing. I figured it needed charging first or that it was broken. It wasn’t until I studied the packaging I learned this was a feature.

Once you know this, it works flawlessly. It also works on your hand or arm. The toy shuts itself down after ten minutes of inactivity. What I love about this feature is that you don’t have a buzzing toy lying on your bed or desk while you’re still getting in position or while taking a break from the sensations. And if you’re using the toy in secret, then it makes perfect sense. It’ll only begin when you have it installed under the blanket, and you’ll be the only one to know!

The Womanizer Premium Eco has twelve intensity levels, of course using Womanizer’s Pleasure Air Technology. So even though I call it a vibrator in this review, it doesn’t actually vibrate but instead extends small puffs of air, creating a vacuum.

My Experience

Review of the Womanizer Premium Eco  Copyright Liz BlackX

Once charged and cleaned with toy cleaner, I went to bed and tested the Womanizer Premium Eco. The ‘Smart Silence’ function worked perfectly, and soon I was enjoying the soft sucking ministrations of the toy. I actually forgot to switch to an intenser mode as it felt so pleasant that I wanted to prolong the feeling. It brought me to a quick and easy orgasm.
During other sessions, I did use the intenser programs, which brought me even faster to a delicious orgasm.


Review of the Womanizer Premium Eco  Copyright Liz BlackX

You know, I didn’t expect to be wowed by this product. I thought it would be an easy way for Womanizer to jump on the bandwagon of durability and sustainability. That wasn’t the case.
The Womanizer Premium Eco is a well-designed product that is actually good for the environment. Of course, you can debate whether sex toys are by default environment friendly or even necessary, but that’s not for me to decide. I love them too much.

Womanizer has done an excellent job in choosing the materials they used. I love that the battery is replaceable since that’s the one part that will always diminish in quality over time. It must be such a relief to own and love this vibrator and to be able to insert a new battery and guarantee use for another few years.

I didn’t mean to love the Womanizer Premium Eco. I don’t even want to, and yet I do. Using the toy was like being in bed with a good friend, one who knows exactly which buttons to push to get me to an orgasm. I can definitely recommend this toy to anyone looking to try Womanizer’s Pleasure Air Technology. It will bring you lots of pleasure over the years to come!


Review of the Womanizer Premium Eco  Copyright Liz BlackX


  • Replaceable battery
  • Rechargeable
  • Splash proof
  • Smart silence
  • Made of durable materials
  • Easy to disassemble


  • Expensive

Overall: 9 out of 10

Review of the Womanizer Premium Eco  Copyright Liz BlackX

End verdict: Love

Where To Buy

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