Review of the TouchX by WeVibe

Review of the TouchX by WeVibe

It’s Small, but Does It Perform?

Review of the TouchX by WeVibe

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The brand WeVibe is mainly known for toys designed for use during intercourse. Luckily for me, who’s not that big a fan of vaginal intercourse, they also develop other products, like this lay-on vibrator which can be used separately. According to the packaging, the ‘Touch X is one of the world’s most versatile multi-purpose vibrators.’ I love this description. During our sexual play, my husband likes using a vibrator on me for extra stimulations. A small toy like this is perfect for these occasions. Let’s see how it turned out during testing.

Packaging and Description

Review of the TouchX by WeVibe  Copyright Liz BlackX

The TouchX comes delivered in a small carton box designed in the same colours as the product, what they call ‘Crave Coral.’ The shade is somewhere between orange and pink. On the back of the box, they show how best to use the toy with a picture in lines.

It’s a small vibrator, measuring roughly ten by four centimetres. It fits your hand perfectly. The toy is covered in body-safe silicone. It’s waterproof and whisper quiet. When you turn it on, you can feel how intense the vibrations are. The two silvery plates on top aren’t buttons, but they’re where you can attach the magnetic charger. I like how WeVibe incorporated that into the design.

Review of the TouchX by WeVibe  Copyright Liz BlackX

What confused me at first were the three buttons. Yes, three, and initially, I saw only two. Without having read the manual, I saw the + and – buttons and assumed that was it. They did respond quickly, so I was happy enough. Only after reading the manual, I saw that the ‘squiggly’ line between the two buttons is also a button by itself. When you push that one, you can cycle through the different menus, which are many and well-varied.

Review of the TouchX by WeVibe  Copyright Liz BlackX

There is one thing I disagreed with within the manual. It says ‘wash,’ ‘enjoy,’ ‘charge,’ in that order. I would advise you to always fully charge the toy before using it, even though you’re impatient and want to begin right away. It’s better for the battery life. And yes, WeVibe gives you a two-year warranty, but still.

My Experience

Review of the TouchX by WeVibe  Copyright Liz BlackX

According to the packaging, the TouchX is a ‘Magic Multitasker.’ Both in our play together and during solo time, we agreed this was indeed the case. My husband thought you had to use the toy upside down, with your thumb on the indentation. It worked that way perfectly. I said that was wrong and tried it with the indentation down. That worked wonders too. We used the toy in multiple locations of the body, which made for fun play. Whichever way we used this little vibrator, it was easy for me to reach orgasm.


Review of the TouchX by WeVibe  Copyright Liz BlackX

I think a basic lay-on vibrator should be in everyone’s collection. The TouchX by Wevibe is a beautiful candidate for this position. It’s small, well-designed, and has intense vibrations satisfying everybody’s needs. You don’t always need the bells and whistles of toys with tons of features. The TouchX is concise and does everything just right. I think it would make a perfect gift for both beginners and more seasoned users of sex toys. It’s perfect for switching it on, placing it where you enjoy it most and explode into a great orgasm. Or pick it up when you’re massaging your partner and multiply the sensations that way. For me, the TouchX by WeVibe is a definite recommendation!


Review of the TouchX by WeVibe  Copyright Liz BlackX


  • Intense vibrations
  • Magnetically chargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Whisper quiet
  • Fits in your hand


  • Button for different menus is unclear

Overall: 9 out of 10

Review of the TouchX by WeVibe  Copyright Liz BlackX


Where To Buy

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