Review of Rattan Triple Cane

Review of Rattan Triple Cane

Often I get my inspiration for BDSM play from watching porn. I have never attended any play parties, so it’s not like I come in contact with other people’s implements anywhere. When I came across this triple cane on AliExpress, I knew I wanted to try it. I mean, I know how much a regular cane hurts. Would this be thrice the pain?

Packaging and Description

Review of Triple Cane

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The implement came all the way from China and was only wrapped in a plastic bag. It made the trip all right, though, so no complaints there.
It’s a light device and simple in its design. The rattan canes are 60 centimetres long and are 0,5 cm in diameter.
The handle is made of plastic tape wrapped around the three strands. It’s not much, but it’ll do. For the two Euros I spend on this device, you can’t expect too much.

My Experience

Review of Triple Cane  Copyright Liz BlackX

When getting ready to receive a spanking with this triple cane, I prepared myself for the pain of three canes in one. My husband raised his arm, the whip whooshed, and there was…very little impact. It hurt, of course it did, but it was nowhere as intense as a hit with a single cane of the same diameter. It whooshes, and the three strands hit each other, but the impact on the skin is minimal. I’m not a physics expert, but somewhere down the road, the energy gets lost on the different canes and doesn’t transfer to the intended purpose.
Of course, it still stings somewhat, just not as much as a single cane. I don’t think it’d be possible to leave welts or any serious marks with this toy.


Review of Triple Cane  Copyright Liz BlackX

The triple rattan cane looks cool. I think that’s why they use it in porn because on camera, it looks impressive. Add some wincing and maybe even screaming from the model, and you have the contents for a great video.
In real life, this triple cane was a bit disappointing. I’m always on the lookout for new experiences, and I had high hopes for this toy, even with its low price. Unfortunately, the cane’s impact was lower than I had foreseen. It is a fun implement, though. A spanking can’t, or shouldn’t, only consist of high-intensity pain, so that makes this a perfect toy for warming up or for teasing in between. For me, it’s still a cool addition to my collection.


Review of Triple Cane  Copyright Liz BlackX


  • Cheap
  • Light


  • Low-impact
  • Loud

Overall: Like
7 out of 10

Review of Triple Cane Copyright Liz BlackX

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