Review of Pink Multi-stranded Flogger – Nelliesz

Review of Pink Multi-stranded Flogger – Nelliesz

Pink Multi-stranded Whip

Pink Multi-stranded Flogger Nelliesz

Sometimes there’s too much to choose from. Last July, my husband and I visited a kinky fair in the Netherlands. The stand by Nelliesz was very large and had a comprehensive arrangement of whips and other BDSM gear. We had already chosen the double slapper, but we also wanted to bring home a whip. But which one to choose?
In the end, we picked out this multi-stranded whip because it looked so different from the regular flogger we already had. Then we had to decide on a colour. After debating between the purple and the pink one, was agreed upon the pink.

Packaging and Description

Pink Multi-stranded FloggerNelliesz

Since we bought it at a market, there was no packaging to speak of, only a carton bag to bring it home safely. The bag was also to keep the purchases slightly disguised when leaving the venue.
Nelliesz only sells their merchandise on fairs and through Fetlife. I can only tell you what I see and what I assume about the product.
First of all, the whip is made of real leather. It smells and feels like genuine leather, I presume lambs leather.
There are twenty-seven small supple black leather strands, two broad pink ones, three thin pink strands with knots and three braided pink strands. The handle is sixteen centimetres long, while the leather parts are fifty centimetres. The handle is pretty heavy by itself, so all in all, it’s an impressive instrument.

My Experience

Pink Multi-stranded Flogger Nelliesz

Do you know that expression: to bite off more than you can chew? Yeah, that may apply to me here, regarding this whip.
I chose it because it looked so cute and because I was looking for a new sensation. Well, that worked. It’s definitely a new sensation.
The small knots in the leather, together with the braids, hurt. And yes, I’m a masochist and into pain play, but still. When I’m hit with a flogger, I prepare myself for a soft caress. Yes, it hurts, but overall not so bad. I can keep that up for a long time.
This pink multi-stranded whip? Not so long. Because of the techniques used in making this implement, its impact stings, while also flogs. It’s a mix of sensations. That makes it a very interesting whip, but also meaner than my regular flogger. But I’m not complaining.


Pink Multi-stranded Flogger Nelliesz

This Pink Multi-stranded Whip by Nelliesz is a fantastic product. It was reasonably priced, and the quality is outstanding. You don’t often see products this well-made for sale. The owners told me they make everything themselves, so it’s even handmade in the Netherlands and unique.
Even though my experience is a bit mixed, I can definitely recommend this whip to anyone interested in pain play, albeit not to beginners. I’m definitely happy this whip is now in my collection, and it makes for a nice variety. It hurts, yes, but that’s what whips are supposed to do. That’s the problem of being a masochistic submissive.


Pink Multi-stranded Flogger Nelliesz


  • Handmade
  • Durable
  • Great Price/Quality ratio
  • Real leather
  • Surprising variety of sensations


  • Not for beginners
  • Stings
  • Limited availability

Overall: 8 out of 10

Pink Multi-stranded Flogger Nelliesz

Where to buy

Nelliesz does not have a conventional webshop. You can order by contacting them through Fetlife, by buying from them when you happen to meet them on a fetish market, or by visiting their showroom in the Netherlands.

I bought this product myself. This post is not sponsored. 


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