Review Leviathan – – Tentacle Toy

Review Leviathan – – Tentacle Toy

Leviathan -

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My First Monster Dildo

In all the years I’ve been testing sex toys, I’ve only tested a handful of dildos. Yes, we own some to use during our BDSM play. For masturbation, I have always preferred vibrating toys. I do prefer quirky toys with weird shapes or strange materials.
But now the time has finally come: I own my first monster dildo, a tentacle even. Brandie from was kind enough to send me the small version of Leviathan.
Dreaming about sex with monsters is something that has always been there for me, but it’s something I don’t like to admit to myself. But I do read stories about it online, or watch hentai movies. And now I have the tool to make these fantasies come true. And come true, they did…

Packaging and Description

Leviathan -

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The toy comes in a plain brown box. The box contains the dildo and two separate items, also made from silicone and a business card. Next to the dildo came a big shell in rainbow colours and a tiny penis. I had asked for some scrap material, so I could see the difference in density. Brandie said she usually pours her leftover material in shapes and adds it to the orders.
The tiny dildo is so cute I would love to put it on my desk as decoration, but unfortunately one of my cats loves eating silicone, so I need to keep it hidden.

The Leviathan I was sent was the small version, as I requested. I’m not an XXL-kinda girl, and I was afraid the regular size would be too big for me. Unpacking the small one, I thought it might be too small for me. That wasn’t the case, but we’ll get there later.

My Leviathan was poured for me in custom colours. I was super surprised when Brandie asked me what colours I wanted. I literally did not know what to answer, but we came to the combination of black, pink and purple. These are my favourite colours, and the colours of this website too.

The toy is twelve centimetres high. The bottom is 7,5 cms in width, while the broadest part of the insertable shaft is four centimetres. The texture looks organic. I love the imprint of the suckers on the tentacle’s arm. I mean, I’m not a big fan of fish food, but it’s precisely like the octopi I’ve seen in fish shops and aquaria.

Also to my request, the Leviathan is of firm density. Brandie was very kind to show me a specific example of the differences between the firm and soft densities. The firm density will make sure the toy can stand on its own, and it makes for easier penetration, at least in my view. Even though it’s firm, the toy is still flexible, and you can bend the tip in all directions.
The material itself is pleasant and has little to no smell.

My Experience

Leviathan -

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Going into this, I didn’t understand the appeal of custom dildos. They’re not cheap, they have no special features like vibrators do, and it’s just a dildo, right?
Turns out, it isn’t. I hadn’t foreseen how different it feels to be penetrated by something that is not penis-shaped. The difference is mind-blowing. While my vagina isn’t sensitive enough to detect the final texture details, it sure felt the different shape. The curved tip was incredible and hit all the right spots. The wider girth at the bottom stretched me in the most delicious ways. It was a completely different experience from regular dildos. And no, it wasn’t enough for me to reach an orgasm, but that’s where my stash of vibrators comes in. And to feel this Leviathan inside of me during the spasms of my orgasm was pure heaven. Now I get why people buy custom monster dicks.


Leviathan by is a fantastic product. I finally understand the appeal of custom monster dildos. Knowing I own a one-of-a-kind-product feels very special. Knowing it was made to my requests and preferences is mind-boggling. The pleasure my Leviathan gave me during sex was way more than I had expected. Turns out there is a big difference between run of the mill penis-shaped toys and these unique models. Something I haven’t tried yet, but what will happen soon is to watch a hentai video of a girl grasped by a sea monster, while I will pleasure myself with this sea monster dildo for a 4D effect. I can hardly wait ?
This toy is a definite recommend for everyone. Especially the small version I own should be doable for most girls. And no, fantasies of evil sea monsters aren’t required, but they do make for an even better experience.


Leviathan -

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  • High quality
  • Great price/quality ratio
  • Vivid custom colours
  • Pleasant material
  • Detailed texture
  • Excellent customer service


  • Instant desire for more toys

Overall: 9 out of 10

Final verdict: Love

This toy was sent to me by in exchange for an honest review. I’m not affiliated with their website.

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  1. Posy Churchgate

    Ohhh be still my beating heart, that is my fanstasy. Hopefully one day I will own one of these, because I agree with every pro you’ve listed, and the con – well of course!!

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