Paloqueth Cordless Handheld Wand Massager

Paloqueth Cordless Handheld Wand Massager

Paloqueth Cordless Handheld Wand Massager

Full picture of the massager
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The Cordless Handheld Wand by Paloqueth: It’s a big boy

Magic Wand

Over the past eight years, I’ve tested many wand massagers. I own an original Hitachi that we bought ourselves, and I’ve tested many other ones. With cord, without cord, XXL, mini, all shapes and sizes.
We use a lot of wand massagers in our play because it’s a convenient toy and it’s easy to hit the right spot with.
So when Paloqueth approached me and asked me to test a toy for them, I chose the wand massager. In essence, it’s a toy that’s easy to test, and I can see quickly whether the quality is all right or not. And if the quality is up to par, I can even continue using it, also after testing. I will tell you this much: this massager may be a contender for that last category.

Packaging and Description

Paloqueth Cordless Handheld Wand Massager

The full set of vibrator, pouch, manual, card and charging USB cable
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The full set including a translucent pouch and a great manual

The shipping by Paloqueth was fast. Within less than a week, the toys I had selected arrived. They were packaged in a neutral brown box. The address label contained only that: my name and address. It said nothing of the content inside, which is a good thing for a shipment like this.
The goods were well-packaged, though the box of the massager was slightly dented.
The massager was packaged in a solid black box with the name ‘Paloqueth’ on the outside. Nothing fancy, but nothing superfluous either.
Inside the box is the massager, a charging cable, a pouch, a user manual and a card for extra guarantee.

Useful Manual

Paloqueth Cordless Handheld Wand Massager

The box in which it was packaged
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The slightly dented box

Usually, the user manuals with products like these are pretty useless, but not this one. It gives you decent instructions on how to use the massager and also how to clean it. And what’s even more surprising: it’s written in perfect English. Even when I receive products from a Dutch webshop, the manual is often riddled with spelling mistakes. This one is well designed. It even offers you a choice of lube, toy-cleaner or sex dice for which you only have to send an e-mail to the company. Apart from that are also instructions on how to become a toy-tester and receive toys to review.
I was amazed by all this information.
The card offers you similar instructions to get a free gift and a happiness guarantee.
The pouch is nice, but it’s something of a let-down. I’ve seen prettier pouches that will actually protect the toy. I don’t think this pouch really adds a lot.

A Heavy-Weight

Paloqueth Cordless Handheld Wand Massager
It's a handful
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It’s a handful

The vibrator is impressive. With its 390 grams, it’s close to half a kilo, and that’s noticeable when you hold it in your hands. It’s 31 cms long, so it’s definitely not a mini. The bulb on top is about 6 by 7 cms. It’s decorated with a diamond pattern, which gives it just a few extra ridges for stimulation. The handle is made of ABS plastic, while the bulb is made of silicone. The built is sturdy. This vibrator does not look cheap.
I love the little flap which covers the hole for the plug of the charging cable. It’s made of silicone, so it prevents water from leaking in while cleaning, and yet it’s not one of those flaps that will break after using it twice.
You operate the vibrator with two buttons. The top one is to turn it on and off and to choose between one of the three speeds, while with the bottom one, you can cycle through the five different menus. The buttons are made of silicone and are easy to press. They’re also easy to find while using it in the dark. Small blue led-lights indicate when the vibrator is switched on.
There is little smell to the massager. The product is waterproof. It’s nearly whisper-quiet, but because of its size, you do hear its rumbling. It’s easy to clean with no ridges where dirt can be collected. I wouldn’t submerge it in water myself, but I did rinse it under the faucet which went well.

My Experience

Paloqueth Cordless Handheld Wand Massager

The bulb fits my hand exactly.
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The bulb fits my hand perfectly

It’s good, there’s no doubt about it. When I first turned it on, I wasn’t entirely sure I would like the vibrations, but I did. I placed the bulb between my legs and actually reached my orgasm before I knew what was happening.
The vibrations were intense. I could even place the bulb lower, closer to my vagina and enjoy a broader strip of sensations than just on my clit.
I love that it’s cordless because the reason why we don’t use our Hitachi much is that it’s a hassle to plug it in the wall before use.
This Wand Massager by Paloqueth is so practical in use. It has both soft and heavier intensities and, since it’s cordless, you can use it anywhere.
My husband too loved this massager. He liked how it felt in his hand and that it was easy to hit the right spots with.


Paloqueth Cordless Handheld Wand Massager

The full massager shown in my hand
The full massager

This Paloqueth Cordless Handheld Wand Massager is a great toy and a definite recommend. It’s rechargeable and cordless, and it’s both heavy and well-built. It can quickly bring you to great orgasms and what’s best of all: it doesn’t cost as much as a Hitachi or Doxy.
I was honestly surprised by what this toy costs on Amazon. If you had given me this massager blindly, I would have guessed it was at least double the price. You don’t often see a vibrator with these specifications in this price range.
So yes, if you’re looking for a wand massager and don’t want to spend the full amount on a premium brand, then this is a perfect alternative. This bad boy will bring you to many happy ends!



  • Well-built
  • Heavy
  • Rechargeable
  • Low Price
  • Cordless


  • Intensity setting unclear
  • Handle looks somewhat cheap
Final verdict of the Paloqueth Cordless Handheld Wand Massager: Love

Copyright LizXLikes 2019

Overall: 8

Final verdict: Love

Where to Buy

This product was give to me by Paloqueth in exchange for an honest review. I have not received a commission. That I received this product for free has not influenced my opinion in any way. I am not affiliated with Paloqueth.

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