InitiationInitiation by Melanie Gill
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hot BDSM, but a bit too rushed

Initiation – Melanie Gill

Jonah’s hand accidentally brushes Anya’s, and as with the butterfly effect, this sets off a range of actions. Jonah gets invited into the Conclave, an invite-only BDSM-club. He embraces the lifestyle. He learns all he can learn about everything BDSM, and he meets his new soulmate. But it doesn’t go smoothly.

Last year I read ‘Soul’s Desire’ by the same author. I wasn’t convinced of that story, and while this one is a hundred times better, it’s still not five-stars worthy. I loved seeing how safe words were honoured in this book, where they weren’t in the previous. I loved the BDSM-setting. Melanie Gill does have an understanding of how the mechanics work. I also liked the spanking scenes, and most of the times there was plenty of after-care.

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