Guest Post – Buying Your First Sex Machine? Here is How Much They Cost

Guest Post – Buying Your First Sex Machine? Here is How Much They Cost

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In the realm of intimate pleasure, selecting the right sex toy is a significant decision that can make a big difference in your sexual exploration. One of the most sophisticated devices on the market that mimics the actual movements, force, and feel of partnered sex is a sex machine, an automated machine any gender can use.

This guide is designed to provide you with practical insights to facilitate your choice of sex machines. We have covered essential factors, such as budget, return policies, storage, noise levels, attachment versatility, adjustable angles, portability, partner compatibility, and the utility of watching videos. We aim to equip you with the knowledge you need to make an informed and satisfying decision that aligns with your preferences.

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How to Choose a Sex Machine

Selecting the right sex machine demands careful consideration. In this section, we’ll explore the key factors to consider when choosing the ideal sex machine, whether you’re new to this or an experienced sex toy enthusiast. This will help you make an informed choice that aligns with your unique preferences and requirements.

Establish Your Budget

Before delving into the world of sexual pleasure devices, it’s important to recognize their wide price range. These machines can vary significantly in cost, with options starting at around $70, while more advanced models can exceed several thousand dollars. Setting a clear budget is the first step in guiding your exploration and ensuring you find a sex machine that aligns with your desires and financial comfort.

Noise Considerations

In addition to storage, you should also consider the noise level of the sex machine. If maintaining a quiet environment is essential in your home, it’s important to research the noise level of the machine. Awareness of how much noise it generates ensures a peaceful coexistence with your machine and surroundings. If the sex machine is too loud, your roommates or even neighbors can hear it, which may cause discomfort during use.

Attachment Versatility

Understanding how different accessories are attached to your sex machine is a critical aspect to consider. Two primary connection systems are commonly used: the 3-pin connector (3xlr) and the quick-lock system. Knowing these connectors gives you insight into the range of attachments available for your machine, helping you select accessories that suit your preferences.

Customizable Angles

Considering the adjustability of your chosen sex machine is important, especially if you have specific positions in mind. Most sex machines offer multiple height and angle options, catering to different preferences. Some machines provide a range of angles from 85 degrees to a full 180-degree range, ensuring your fucking machine can accommodate all positions you want to try out.


If you plan to use your sex machine at social gatherings, swinger parties, or take it with you on your travels, the device’s portability is a crucial consideration. Some models come with handles for easy transport, while others can be compactly packed for travel in a car. Portability ensures that your device can conveniently accompany you to various events and settings.

Storage Considerations

The practical aspect of where and how to store your pleasure device shouldn’t be overlooked. Consider your living situation, such as the possibility of family visits or the need to keep these items hidden from children. Some devices have compact designs that are easily concealed, while larger, more advanced models require more storage space. Ensuring discreet storage enhances convenience and privacy.

Partner Compatibility

For those looking to share their sex machine with a partner of a different gender, selecting a machine that can accommodate attachments suitable for both genders is wise. While many sex machines focus on providing vaginal and anal pleasure, a variety of male masturbation attachments are readily available to cater to diverse desires and preferences.

Watch Videos

Watching a video demonstrating the device in action is a great idea to gain a comprehensive understanding of your chosen sex machine. This visual insight provides a firsthand look at the sex machine’s functionalities and thrust speed, giving you valuable information to determine if it aligns with your specific needs and desires. These videos serve as a practical resource to ensure your selection matches your expectations perfectly.

Return Policies

When you’re shopping for sex machines online, it’s crucial to understand the return policy. This policy acts as a safety net in case the product arrives with defects or doesn’t meet your expectations. Familiarizing yourself with the return options ensures a smooth purchase experience, providing peace of mind that your investment remains safeguarded.

Pricing Options For Sex Machines

Pricing is crucial in determining the suitable options for selecting machines designed for intimate satisfaction. Whether you are looking for a cost-effective choice or are prepared to make a substantial investment in a high-end sex machine, it’s important to make an informed decision based on your specific requirements and financial constraints. To help you make the decision easier, here is a nice comparison of sex machines that compares price, features across different models.

Affordable Alternatives: Handheld Thrusting Machines

For those seeking cost-effective options, handheld thrusting machines are an economically priced option. Ranging from $70 to $350, they are compact and portable sex machines like automatic strokers, vibrators, and thrusting dildos. It’s important to note that these dildos may not provide the same depth of thrusting or versatility as a sex saddle but compensate with their compact design and portability. They typically require one-handed operation, so hands-free operation is

Mid-range: Thrusting Sex Machines

A more budget-friendly option than vibrating alternatives, the thrusting sex machine falls within the price range of $115 to $600. These automatic sex machines offer a consistent number of thrusts per second, promising an exciting experience. Many models also allow for the customization of dildo length and thickness, and their adjustable base ensures the ideal penetration height. Certain models even support dual-dildo operation, making them a desirable choice for those who want to spice things up with another person or multiple persons. It’s worth mentioning that, unlike sex saddles, thrusting machines are not mountable and are best suited for doggy or missionary positions.

All-in-One Sex Machines: Unparalleled Features

The all-in-one sex machines provide a comprehensive and premium experience. Priced from $500 to several thousand dollars, these machines offer more than a conventional dildo and vibrations. They come with customizable options and accessories like G-spot and P-spot stimulators, lifelike penis-shaped dildos, and textured surfaces for varied sensations. Their electronic base offers twirling, vibrating, and thrusting with varying vibration intensity and thrust patterns that users can pre-program for a hands-free exploration. Modern sex saddle machines can also be operated remotely via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, fostering intimacy for long-distance couples.


As you embark on your path toward a more satisfying and healthy sex life remember that your sexual desires are unique, and the machine you choose should cater to them. We encourage you to explore the diverse possibilities available, trust your instincts, and remain open to the experiences that await you. Your intimate life is yours to shape, and with the knowledge gained from this guide, you are better prepared to make an informed choice that will add depth and vibrancy to your intimate moments.

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