C-King by Kiss Toy

Review by Liz BlackX for LizxLovesLikesYikes

5 Licking Modes Multipoint Clitoral Vibrator

Over the years, I’ve tested many vibrators, but I’m always happy to find a model I haven’t seen before. Well, that’s not strictly true, because I did see this model come by in one shape or another. I had just never put my hands on one myself, until now. BestVibe reached out to me and asked whether I would like to test one of their products. Of course, I was willing to do so. I was pleasantly surprised by the range of toys on their website. They had several interesting designs. I chose this multipoint vibrator. Only a couple days later, this C-King by the brand KissToy arrived at my door.

Packaging and Description

C-King by Kiss Toy

Review by Liz BlackX for LizxLovesLikesYikes

This Multipoint Clitoral Vibrator is delivered in a neutral brown box. The label only mentions the address, so nothing gives away what’s inside.
The toy inside is also packaged in a carton box. The colours of the box are gorgeous, in a gradient from pink to purple. In the way of decoration, there’s only a drawing of the toy inside. A sticker indicates that the toy is genuine, with a literal anti-fake label. Other than that there’s some information on the box. I’ve checked out the website www.kiss-toy.com, but it’s entirely in Chinese. It does look like they produce many different sex toys for both men and women.

Case/Charging Hub

C-King by Kiss Toy

Review by Liz BlackX for LizxLovesLikesYikes

When my husband opened the box, he exclaimed “Oh, wow,” as soon as he saw what was inside. I peeked over his shoulder and made the same exclamation. The vibrator itself is packaged in a plastic casing, which looks very luxurious. What’s even cooler, is that this casing doubles as a charging hub. My husband believes that they added the casing because the tip of the vibrator is fragile. That may well be. In any way, it’s a beautiful way to store a toy.
The box holds the vibrator and its case, a pouch, a manual, a charging cable and two small hoods. The hoods are small balls you can place over the tip of the vibrator to make the vibrating area bigger.

As mentioned, the toy is rechargeable. It is also waterproof. The handle is covered in soft silicone while the tip is made from ABS-plastic. It’s easy to clean with no ridges where dirt can add up. It’s practically whisper quiet while vibrating. It does somewhat remind me of the dentist, so it’s better to quickly apply it to sensitive spots so you’ll forget that association.

Just the Tip

C-King by Kiss Toy

Review by Liz BlackX for LizxLovesLikesYikes

Because of its shape, this vibrator is perfect for getting to just the right spot. It does make it more difficult when someone else is handling it. My husband prefers a wand-vibrator precisely for this reason. It’s hard to miss the right spot when the vibrations are deep and cover a larger area. But, even though this toy is more delicate, it definitely has its purposes.

My Experience

C-King by Kiss Toy

Review by Liz BlackX for LizxLovesLikesYikes

When using the vibrator solo, it’s perfect for getting it to the right spot. The vibrations are of the right frequency, and even the lowest setting is pleasant. The vibration pattern is only constant, there are no variations as is often the case with other toys. But that’s fine too. Sometimes you want to use a straightforward toy that gets the job done. And this vibrator is perfect for that. It brought me quickly to orgasm.
When used together with my partner, in his hand, things were not that easy. In the end, he just pushed it in my hand with the message: ‘do it yourself’. But that makes for a nice change too.


This C-King by KissToy is a good vibrator. It feels sturdy, and the casing/charging hub makes it feel like a luxury toy. The design means you can use it to stimulate one’s body in many places. I’m not so fond of vibrations at my nipples, but if that’s your thing, then this toy is a great choice. If like me, you prefer clitoral stimulations, then this C-King has everything to satisfy your needs. You’re never too old to try different designs, some may surprise you.



  • Nice casing
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Whisper quiet
  • Budget
  • Interesting design


  • Sounds like a dentist’s drill
  • Tricky for partners

Overall: 7

Final verdict: Like

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