7 New Romp Toys and a Special Discount!

7 New Romp Toys and a Special Discount!

Romp toys collection

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This discount has ended, but check out the Black Friday deals, this weekend only:

Romp is an amazing brand with high-quality toys which are actually affordable! And now with a special discount!

The discount code is ‘HAPPYBDAYROMP’ and it offers a 15% discount on the majority* of the products available on the store. The offer expires on the 23rd of November 2022. 

* minimum order value 19$ 

Romp makes a collection of sex toys like clitoral stimulators, manual strokers and anal toys, all of the highest quality but for a good price.

ROMP New Toys
  • ROMP Rose, unique clitoral stimulator with PAT – 49.99$
  • ROMP Mosh, manual stroker to create a blowjob sensation – 12.99$
  • ROMP Cello, remote controlled G-Spot vibrator – 39.99$ 
  • ROMP Amp, small and flexible anal bead toy – 15.99$
  • ROMP Bass, vibrating anal plug – 29.99$
  • ROMP Riot, powerful  but compact bullet vibrator – 19.99$
  • ROMP Dash (currently soldout), manual masturbator – 34.99$ 

The links above are affiliate links, which means I earn a little commission if you order it through this link. This will help keep this website up and allow me to write more reviews for you!

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