Weighted Blanket for Adults and Children

ZZZNEST Weighted Blanket

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Every now and then, I have trouble sleeping. My husband and I own one old blanket, which is very heavy. I love when it’s folded over, and I lie underneath it. But we have only one such blanket, and my husband liked to lie under it too. So when I found this Weighted Blanket on Amazon, I was very interested. Maybe this could solve our issue?

Packaging and Description

ZZZNEST Weighted Blanket

Copyright Liz BlackX

The product comes delivered within only a few days in a blank box. Inside this box is another box, showing pictures of on the one side a boy sleeping with this product, on the other side a girl.
I had bought the smallest size, which is actually for children. This was stated clearly on the website, I just hadn’t taken enough notice of it.
The blanket itself is of dark grey colour, and its measurements are 104x152cm. The article weighs 3.2kg, which is pretty solid. The coverage is of high quality with neat stitching and overall well put together.

My Experience

Even though the measurements aren’t fit for an adult, the blanket covers my chest and legs. Frankly, that is all that’s needed. The weight is also less than recommended for my stature, but it’s enough to feel the effect. The feeling of something upon me does calm me down and make me feel safer.


I’m pleased with the ZZZNEST Weighted Blanket. It’s well put together, it looks durable, and already it has given me a good night’s sleep. I look forward to using this product every night. At least in my household, it has solved the issue of fighting over the one blanket. Now I only need to save up my money for a bigger and even heavier one.

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